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Universe is not infinite, Right?


There are limits to ambition.

Actually, I believe there is a multiverse defined as lots of different YOUs. Yet here's the rub, they are all you in every way. There isn't a place where you are King of England, as an example. Unless you are that King here and now. Be careful how you spend your days, because you are doing that such and such in a near infinite number of parallel dimensions or pocket points in our universe.

Just a belief, because I cannot mathematically show it to be true with my small mind that failed to fully grasp Bessel Functions. Heat conduction in a cylindrical object was damn hard to calculate for inorganic solids.

P.S. I also am a Determinist (in good company I say w/ Albert); we do not have any control or choice of the script of our life. I still enjoy the experience without the guilt of my fault being to blame. A guilty conscious is also Deterministic.

Now how many stories and games am I Determined to create in my life? God only knows.



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