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Following the rabbit hole to where it leads (has caused my entire HD to become encrypted). I shouldn't click-click, but I do. Call me Pandora (the Explorer and Wreck).

Found a debate where two theologians were discussing origins of man. The argument got heated when both men disagreed on how long ago the Kumari Kandam existed and sank. Had to google the term, was not in my study of ancient history. Despite the fact that plate tectonics have debunked all these lost continent myths, they persist. Kumari Kandam is a land bridge over the Indian Ocean that allowed Africans to reach Australia or vice versa if you stand on your head. It's religion, not science consensus.

Good game ideas should not be co-opted as reality. Science tries to explain what is observed. Our bias makes us hold onto things that seem real (to us) as explanations, even long after the collective study has proven "our facts" to be erroneous.

There is no end to strange. Once these odd-ball myths were held only by the village crank or regional dogma. Now the internet spreads all myth into cults then alternate views, finally accepted as truth.

Oh, but there's some big event going to happen that will prove me wrong one day. I don't think so, but I know science is more likely to admit mistakes than myth-peddlers.

Say your prayer to Red into the cement seal of any cinder block wall. I'll hear it and make it happen, if you prove worthy. No tithe donations, please. Buy a game instead.



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