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Tasks Gonna Flip


Suddenly occurred to me on playback that more interesting, tactical play would be generated by having those with more make-rolls have higher rolls (lower chance with dice). The Task Resolution table would flip. When you run out of make-rolls, then the rolls get Swashbuckler, almost gimme. Yet fail is fail, often horribly, even when trying to dice a three on two D8.

Now is it a better game to risk holding make-rolls for when you are in dire peril, knowing you could be missing the preliminary clues and swagger gains? Or is it better drama to have the easiest rolls at the end, when you've exhausted make-rolls and are barely holding on? I dislike the game having more culling of make-rolls with soak off actions? That would be default under current play. Yet Q&D also are more dramatic when many a make-roll has been expended (before), and the resource is very precious for the end. A quandary to consider and test.



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