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Too Soon to Tell ...


... strange odds gave us a lot of high rolls at the beginning. What if they had all be small?

What about tying the chance of success to the phase of the mission?

Say, start the mission at a level 8 and drop it as the phase advances. Some events in the encounters could increase or decrease the level of danger?

The ignobles were good but it seemed we all clicked together. How about an option to just have one "group" ignoble and when one goes up, we all do?

Too many things moving at the same time to understand it all.

Also, it seemed the "Persona" Swags were all focused on common items. There were no things from "strange cosmic forces". As the Doomed Visitor from Another Universe dude (with Stretch Powers), getting a Lock pick seemed inconsequential.

Lock Pick would make sense for gumshoe detective but would he use the Ghoulish Chill to solve mysteries?


   Iron Conrad

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