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He tweaked your boy the Cardinal ...


... and the silken hair Mercer ....

(1) Tell a story.
(2) Add Historical context.
(3) Use Narrative Descriptions.
(4) Roll a Die and don't sweat trying to make it statistically perfect.
(5) Speed it up.
(6) Level by Achievement.
(7) Makes up his own Monster stats as he goes.
(8) Jeez never heard of such a thing.

He riled the fanbois with getting rid of initiative ... 100K subscribers because of it. The double system described was the softer position.

Don't be a hater man ... life is too short. 6E will come not because it will be needed or good. It will come ... cuz of money. The rest is just talking

PS: I'm not a big fan of the grim dark thing but if it suits you, have at it peeps.



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Timestamp That -- red (posted: 5/8/2020) 
The Question was ... what's going to be in 6E? -- IronConrad (posted: 5/8/2020) 
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