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Does he ever mention the game needs more practical play aids than broad source books? (Didn't hear a word there.)

If Dungeon-Man has a philosophy of gaming mixed-in w/ his rule problem fetish, that I'd enjoy. If he has opinions on Cosplay (Thulsa Doom or the Bishop) please point me there. What I watched (too much) was a guy yapping at me like I invited him over for a drink of drool on wannaplay for a half hour.

Glad you enjoy; I'll need to send you more game aids to code if this is how you spend your Winter of Discontent. Your tolerance for nerdlinger exceeds my own (greatly). Always has, as you could sit and play no-roll D&D w/ hope. My hope died vs Gyrosever in 1976, and the roll five dice under Constitution (I'm an eight) style of con-play from 1990. On second thought don't make me roll.

D&D is a gem; the designers Hall of Fame. I told Dungeon-Man in remarks to stop obsessing; he countered he isn't.

There we differ (in opinion).



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The Question was ... what's going to be in 6E? -- IronConrad (posted: 5/8/2020) 
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