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I read and shook my head


Main points seem to be that people want less change and combat that works. Saw that in 1982. They also worry they can't find groups. Was always the problem, few Refs. Be best if everyone played D&D there way and all knew it was sit down and enjoy. But it's not, the endless rule editions only feed the rule-lawyers. I met plenty of rule-lawyers, as Refs and players.

Could Wizards create good game aids and more Refs? Yes. Will they, No. Conrad has addressed this ample times.

More money in modules. Modules employ writers and promote the storytellers like Thulsa Doom and The Bishop. Modules work best w/ a voice actor to read the script. Modules are fun even if never played. Most modules are never played. Modules work mostly as bridge between a comic book and a piece of literature. Most have no new mechanics to adapt to a situation. Most bog-down at combat and won't solve problem one.

Theater of the Mind appeared in the sixties w/ inclusive hippy-dippy improv, the audience and actors are one. It returned in the nineties w/ the plethora of improv shows. It was promoted by actors on YouTube and became the norm of D&D.

I don't have a solution; does anyone?



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