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Design Aisle Endcap for books in Walmart


They should publish a new DND version every six months. They should make large dark ebon binds for ten times the price, as the collector set. They should sell a set that has electronics built in to trigger monster growls and dice rolling. Have one with rolling thumb wheels to change the edition number as desired. They should sell a set where you tear-out sheets (coupons) to gain free saves or to-hit in games once; it's canon. They should sell a set with gold leaf and ink made from ground rhino horn. They should sell a set with signed picture of Vin Diesel or Thulsa Doom inside. Forward by Bishop or has a stamp approved by Monte Cook. He has a companion book on How to Role-Play. Not a ruleset, but a philosophy on the proper way to inclusively game.

I asked Monte by email who would buy this, after Conrad posted a link to kickstarter. He said he already had 20K preorders and rising. I must applaud his writing acumen; that's a bestseller! I still struggle w/ homonyms.

"There are powers even greater than magic...." (Cook)

What?!? Too heady for me, perhaps. I'm busy laughing at a guy who tried to block a pistol ball w/ his hat. That player laughed too.

These D&D(r) peeps are not interested in anything I have to say or sell. I post mostly to troll Mike and Conrad. Those cats are fan-atics.



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