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The Question was ... what's going to be in 6E?


Why would he wax on about an unrelated topic?

The dude answered the question of what he thought should be in 6E. You will note, he didn't comment on thorium reactors ... as THAT WAS NOT THE TOPIC. (Sorry if that confuses.)

For the video on how to appropriately set target numbers, I suggest his third video ... the Secret that Every DM must know. Warning it's 10 minutes long. But, then it's the secret that EVERY DM must know so ... you know ... 10 minutes ... might help some new guys. (Consider most don't have 2 college degrees.)

For the description on how to play the game with miniatures and content, I suggest one of his 25+ videos in which he shows players how to paint miniatures, build dungeons, craft items to set on your table ... and ... not to over use them. You might have missed them by failing to click on the library. I get it YouTube is confusing ... one might have to spend more than 14 seconds to master it.

One might even peruse his video "Theater of the Mind versus Terrain" for his actual opinion of that topic. (I have not done so, I have to spend some time watching the latest episode of bland on demand.)

Further, I would think his views on Gygax and Arneson were pretty clear in the few videos I watched. I've heard him describe rules as the genius of Gygax more than once. I'm not clear on why that would be a controversial opinion.

With just a few more minutes, one discovers he recommends Dungeon Crawl Classics ... literally a 500 page book of useful tables describing magic, monsters, and other game stuff. That and a half dozen others. And, this will really set you off ... rather than taking his, he recommends the consumer buy it from the producers of that content. Support the game creators and make the hobby better. I already hate him more than Hitler (is that even possible?).

And, one of his 6 suggestions for D&D 6 was a Useful DM's Guide. Literally "practical player aids". Open the book, roll some dice and begin. I know it was a long 12 minutes ... but ... it was only 1 in 6. (And idea 6 was not so good.)

In the end, It's just a dude delivering a defined product. If you click, you get a reasonably produced gaming video where a clear speaking gamer delivers a crisp monologue and examples of gaming matters.

All delivered in the length of a healthy bowel movement and 3 minutes of hand washing ... (lest the Bat Flu will come for you).

Is every idea perfect? Uh no.

Are some items influenced by the state of the audience? Sure. Why not? Let the fugging geniuses in the CDC tell us what food to eat ... after they figure out ... you know ... math.

Does he rant? Not so much. That's not the thing he's trying to do. He wears a sport coat for heck's sake. His shtick is Professor nerdy. His shtick is bring some reasonableness to the rules and question things a little.

"This game makes perfect sense after you've played it for 20 years."

Slam the 95 Thesis on the Church door and speak the words of a reformer ... those guys get nailed to trees. Speak as a professor and you die in your bed perhaps bending the course of history ... perhaps not.

I can live with it.



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