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He recommends Wizards cast as many spells as they want ....


Just roll a die ... roll high it works. Roll low it backfires. Perhaps gains a "Point of Corruption". Such an insane idea, others might have already proposed it.

Why does a warrior get to hit with his sword every round but Wizard has to sit on one spell a day?

(Though he does say Wizards have to seek out new spells in Dungeons and such. Give them a reason to leave the lair.)

Yea, 50 spells split into 15 levels that align with one's level versus 50 spells that align to 7 every other levels. Put me on the list of I don't care. But, some players don't get it. So, if it made it easier for them. So be it.

I would go one step further ... just create 25 spells or so ... Wizard learns them and as they increase in power they can do more with it.

Why Flame Arrow, Fire Ball, Fire Wall, Fire Storm, Fire Fist, Fire Boulder, Fire whatever. Why not just Fire and when you have it, inside the spell has a little more detail. (In the end, it's just a die whatever).

The reason is obvious of course. That's they way it was and no one wants to change it.



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