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Second Thought


Anyone who claims they made movies because they watched galaxy Quest has made bad movies. Doc is filled with examples. You do not make great movies by being something else, by imitating. You make great movies by innovation (rarely ever are movies great).

The doc makers had no idea what they had with the star interviews, trying to sell their own idea that they and the fans are somehow special. Fans are not special nor are they powerful by having shared love. I call that concept religion.

Enjoy, be a critic and accept you are a ticket sale, not some cosmic power that makes the universe elliptical orbit to west. Logically contrapositive: D&D fans especially join real life!



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You nailed what is wrong with the current crop -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 5/11/2020) 
Would Make Better Product if they didn't .... -- IronConrad (posted: 5/12/2020) 
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