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I pay gladly with Hope


I pay a yearly service. I do not begrudge the payment. I begrudge the changes.

I don't need new features. If they can turn my calculator into an app and make it unusable for boot time...I would think they could send me a choice list to add new features. Program updates behind the scenes. Instead they listen to the loudest whining voice on customer support and make everyone else suffer for that person's fetish (need).

As for free apps, I can't typeset to 1980s standards with any free app. Free apps simply cause more pain to me. Free is not good, familiarity is what's needed. Stop changing things for pure can-do reasons.

You may be surprised to know how much I use Notepad for much of what I do. yet still, I like that blue border around the games. It comforts me. be the next thing MS will remove.



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