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My Char 5/4 Elf Thief/Wizard


White Box Character Sheet

Name:__Aithr Gilorn____________________ Player:____Fred R._____________ Sex:__M___

Class/Race:__Thief / MU - Elf__ Level: _5_/ 4_ XP:_ 13000/ 13000_ Age:___175__

Religon:_ Massanie Enya __

Alignment:_ Neutrality___________ Languages:_Elf, Common, Dwarf, Orc, and Gnoll___

AC 5 HP 31 Movement 12

ST_17_____To Hit _+2____ Damage__+2____Weight__+300___ To Open__1-4____

INT_14__ %Chance__65%__ Min#__5___ Max#__8__ Max Level_6th__


CON_18__ HP Bonus__+6___ Res Surv%__99__ Spell Surv%__100___

DEX_18___ AC Adjust__-4___ Missile Att Adjust___+1___

CHA__9__ Max # Of Retainers__3___ Loyalty Base__+0___

Dagger +1 1d4 / 1d3
Sword +2 1d8 / 1d12
Short Bow 1d6

Saving Throws:
Death Ray / Poision:__12__ Wands/Polymorph/Paralize:__13__ Turn to Stone:__12__

Dragon Breath:__15___ Staves and Spells__14__

Equipment: & Money
Sword+2, dagger+1, Quiver with 4 Silver Arrows and 16 regular arrows, short bow, back pack, , water skin, Large Sack, bag of holding (10,000coin or 5 item), potion of hot flash, ring of curse protection, and mike magic pole (no encumbrance), Wand of Flames 2d6 Damage 3% fail, Ring Curse Save Immunity (~1% accumulating per use becomes inert) 7%, and potion of speed

Bag of Holding (5 items) sack of 137 gold coins, iron rations, heal potion, Rod of Resurrection (D8 uses only)
Wand of Need, conjures Sundry, D4 uses per adventure, (~1% accumulating per use becomes inert)

Wagons and Cart
The party can bring mules, horses and extra storage; these are left at the surface, guarded by retainers or not. The wagon will hold an additional twenty Sundry (4000 gps), the Cart ten (2000 gps). Both are actually relatively cheap, Wagon costs an extra 250 gp to bring, the cart 100 gp (for party). Do not define the objects contained. These can be used to resupply the party. Pick them as you wish to refill your team; subtract each generic object taken from this reserve. However, the stuff up-top is not 100% safe. Besides total loss caused in the tables, every time an Obstacle below is resolved, one Sundry of the Wagon or Cart is also expended. Why? Why not! Panic borrowing, let's say. So count them down, like a bucket w/ a small hole. Refill next adventure. Stash coins up there, but there is that chance of catastrophic loss.

3 potion of healing, Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Full Restoration, brings HPs back to max
Potion Hype, drink and spend just one mana for MU, or use a single 1st level spell prayer for clerics, to create a second level spell upon cast
2 Potion Speed (two for one actions in any battle)
Potion Protection (+1, +3 saves)
3Potion Hotflash, restores a mana spell point
2 wooden crosses
2 wolvesbane
3 garlic
4 wineskins and 16 waterskins
8 oil flask and 3 steel mirrors
3 10' Pole and 4 50' rope
4 large sacks and 2 Bellasdona
10 iron ratons
2 mallets and 3 stakes (3)
5 torches (6)

Locking Trunk: holds 10,000 coins/gems or individual items replacing 2000 of capacity. We wrap even small things like wands very carefully (in coffers). Reduces risk of loss by 5% (Elven enchantments will double protection at triple price.)

5 aka 500gold per adventure (20%) Expedition Security
Retainers Wagon: 100 gp per adventure, each adds +5% security up to twenty max teamsters wondering if you're dead or will tip in a good haul. DO NOT COUNT against Hireling limit above. e.g. six guards means any Wagon event begins as minus thrity percent chance of being ignored. Yet each very event kills one Retainer (on the surface).

1497 gold in locking trunk

Spells and Abilities:
Elves always gain a bonus of +1 on rolls to hit with
swords and bows. They have Infravision, granting
them the ability to see up to 60' in the dark. Elves
have their own language, and are able to speak
Common as well as the languages of Orcs,
Hobgoblins, and Gnolls. They may still learn
additional languages in the normal way.

Level 4 Thief

Open Locks 40%

Remove Traps 35%

Pickpocket 50%

Move Silently 55%

Hide in Shadows 50%

Hear Noise 1-3

Climb Walls 91%

Back Stab +4 Att Dam x3

Level 4 Magic User Mana Points 6 (4/2)

*Read Magic
1 Level
Hold Portal
Charm Person
detect magic
magic missile
protection from evil

wizard lock
mirror image
phantasmal force
Magic Mouth
Locate Object

Hold Person
protection from evil 10'

Monster Summoning III

Elven Lim Ngail the Great Lords & Ladies of Starlight (Gods Elven Pantheon of Stars)
High Lord Araleth Luthermil God of Stars, Magic and Knowledge - Neutral Good
His Wife Lady Alathrien Druanna Goddess of Writing, Poetry, Runes, and Magic - Neutral
Their Son Anor Vassa the Sun God (is literally the Sun)- Neutral Good
Their Oldest Daughter Laicalasse Yulles Demigoddess of Magic, Potions, Coffee, and Tea - Neutral Good
Their Youngest Child/Daughter Massanie Enya Demigoddess of Magic, Puzzles, Riddles, and Pastries - Chaotic Good.

Massanie Enya has somehow become a human Demigoddess known as Enigma Demigoddess of Windows, Doors, Locks, Riddles, Puzzles, and Pastries. Her alignment is Chaotic Good. You can guess who worships her. She is close to becoming a full goddess with the addition of these new worshipers. This has caught her older sisters attention. Mortals can only speculate if there is a competition between immortal siblings.


   Fredrick Rourk

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