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Your patron, Sir Richard Heartfleet, explains your task over fine brandy and rolled cigars. The room seems colder as he speaks.

“Greetings, I have been studying shapeshifters and came across a subset of the monster. There are many cases sited where animal heads are grafted onto human torso. In Tibet, a hybrid was captured whose head had jowls like a large bear. That could be your jumping off point. Indus has an elephant headed deity; could this be a demon in disguise? I have this letter from my associate in Siberia, he has slain a beast with human arms and legs, yet a tiger head and fur. He concludes he killed the thing as it was changing form. Go forth boldly, with God, and bring evidence of these violations of His emerge.”

Heartfleet, a Catholic, crosses himself as he says this.

“A vessel waits in Boston harbor, the Gullflight. The captain, Ramsey, will voyage anywhere…Do not reveal to him your exact motives. I trust him, but find his smell suspect. You can let yourselves out and make the night three-thirty high tide.”



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