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Hysteria changes


Success is based on your equipment, the sum total of Accoutrement and Instruments. The more you cling to, the harder the roll. Failure forces a life altering change based on the Severity of the trauma.

Because this event would be too easy by simply applying make-rolls, the action does not use just one make-roll (if available) but all make-rolls. This applies to the Calming Force as well. (See below.)

Calming Force
When a player character freaks, any of his companions may attempt to restore his morale. Any and all may attempt this action, but it does not happen without possible peril. For the Theater of the Mind crowd extol your catchphrase of comfort or speak a short prayer. Any attempt will use the Master Chart category listed. e.g. If the hysterical player needs a Nearly Impossible roll, the Calming Force attempts action under Investigation. Secrecy, perhaps hearing confession, applies to the Impossible cases. Any roll success by another player ends the threat for all; the Hysteria ends and Severity does not happen. However, anyone who attempts to intervene and fails his Calming Force roll, he will join the player character (or group) in Hysteria.

Once again, because this event would be too easy by simply applying make-rolls, the action does not use just one make-roll but all make-rolls. Is it even worth trying to be the Calming Force? That depends, a player of one or no make-rolls has some pretty low rolls in this game.

Hereís an example. I am hysterical and carry twenty-one total pieces of gear. I would need to roll Nearly Impossible not to suffer permanently. (See Severity for actual change.) I could just expend all my make-rolls. (I have to have at least one left.) I could try to roll based on Task Resolution, which depending upon my total make-rolls could be hard or easy to dice. Before I roll, two buddies Laura and Mike might soothe my nerves. Laura rolls against Investigation. If Laura misses her roll, then Mike could try Investigation as well. He then would be saving both Laura and me from a final test. I would roll Nearly Impossible; Laura would roll based on her number of possessions.

The Ref may also allow each player in order to opt and reduce the manís burden by removing one object from the victimís collective gear. The item removed is then carried, for safe-keeping of course, by the taker. For gameplay, itís lost by one and added to the other character. This comforting purloin can not remove any item on a character already, even a purse. You donít have two purses in a free-style game, you have single purse with more coins. The game mechanics still treat that as a purse, luxurious but one (only one) purse.

You donít take what you already own. If a man has boots, he leaves his fellow travelerís boots laced Ė perhaps, representing that characterís internal struggle with his own possessions. Much angst the deck deals in play. But surely, one of a kind Instruments of Divine Weaponry might find new owners. Profiteers should automatically take something they need and donít have. Heís probably dead, divide his stuff AKA D&Dģ.

If after all the rolls are failed, then roll Severity to see how the hysterical player character changes.



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