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Advanced Rules – Absolution
How blessed are the player characters? You’d think their task would inspire some help. The players may call on Absolution and essentially pray for combat modifiers. Is that righteous? Almost every army of this age, and before and to come, have started battle with the shouted slogan “God is with Us.” For our game (mechanics), that appears to be true.

Prayers are based on the five actions of the Master Skill Chart:

Command Authority – Start with Fury Pip or grant this bonus to someone.
Persuasion – Gain double rolls for every attempt at Difficulty on the upcoming Q&D.
Occult Reasoning – Ignore any bad event that creates vulnerability to a sense.
Investigation – Ignore the first wound the character receives. e.g. Make yourself Durable.
Secrecy – Gain a random Instrument. The source may be in the party or divinely received, often dug-up under yonder rock. (Leave some mystery about God.)

Make as many as five rolls, as Referee allows. Each player should select his own order, because if he fails on any roll, his Absolution ends, and nothing further can be gained. Use these similar to Q&D Day’s Rest, at the start of a battle. No clue point is expended. Perchance, allow one extra roll of any of the types should anyone of the player characters, not named Tony, die in the fight.

How often the players may seek this aid is entirely up to each Ref. These are a great way to cull make-rolls. Yet they might lead to anticlimactic endings.

Here’s where some uncertainty could help play. At the start of each battle, offer prayers of Absolution. Statistically each player might make one or two of these benefits. Yet if the player feels this will be the last battle, the one against the main demon, he might spend his make-rolls. Was this just a preliminary fight or distracting tangent, the forces of minions or false demons? Better still, did the player think this was just nonsense and save his make-rolls only to find out he indeed is a the end of the adventure. Hints and subtle winks prior might guide or obficate.

Consequently, the players may attempt up to five of these prayers. Should the Ref worry if one guy is always lucky and breezes through everything? No, that’s okay. His luck may run out one day; the tables themselves have unfortunate outcomes, like your fellow players causing you wounds.

More Prayers
Allegiance: Ignore one travel encounter of your choice.
Cadre: Attract a group of violent men who serve you and make your first Command Action roll that you attempt.
Charismatic: Attract a Tony from within the party. The first time the character might suffer a wound, another player character will take it instead. This should be limited to Profiteers only and often the wound is received by a Paladin.
Deductive: Gain a clue point to start the mission.
Destined: Never become the scapegoat or count as part of the party for Doubt. If all the other party members show Doubt, the scapegoat is still ousted. Your vote does not matter.
Determined: Ignore the first time you are Shaken.
Divine Mist: Wash in shadows and make the first Secrecy roll you attempt.
Empathy: Connection to the beast and his followers that allow one free Persuasion test.
Focused: Ignore the first Bane each combat you enter.
Inspired: Gain bonus to task rolls outside of combat for the entire preliminary encounters or run of the climax sequence.
Meticulous: Detective flair to make your next Investigation roll.
Spiritual: Never lose an Instrument to another party member after discovery. Each is still expended upon use.
Wisdom: Scholarly gift to make your next Occult Reasoning roll.
Uncleavable: Unable to die before the final climax fight vs the demon. The character might be wounded, but after that he will take unlimited wounds and not perish. That final demon may kill him, though.

These extra prayers can be awarded during play like treasure. Some are very close to blasphemous spellcraft so take care. Others are akin to highly specialized skill.



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