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I resisted. I had to buy Word 360. I needed a reliable PDf maker. Now and fifty years from now. I will have one for a yearly fee.

Don't suggest others; I have Word. The TOC is important to jump in PDf. Why PDf? Cause supposedly it's safe? Won't be stolen? Joke.

Why did PDf, something not free, become the standard. Why couldn't we just pass Word or text docs around? Too many steal and take credit for other's work? Close, but there's a greater reason.

I'll tell you why? Cause limp-D modern gamers can't look at script w/o images and simply enjoy the white space, what isn't said, that needs moderation. Most gamers will buy crap with a bow before the Rosetta Stone and Magna Carta. Okay, both of those had pictures too. I lose.

Don't offer me alternative to Word Pdf. Don't ever send me pyrated code. EVER.



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