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Someone didn't watch Star Trek: Discovery


You shouldn't. It's really bad. Skip "Picard" as well. "Picard" somehow managed to rip off half the plot of "Discovery" season two.

But Pike, #1 and Spock were all on season 2 of Discovery. Anson Mount makes a great Pike. Rebecca Romjin a good #1. Ethan Peck as Spock...? Honestly, the guys at Star Trek New Voyages and Star Trek Continues cast better Spock.

No velour. The tunics have been re-envisioned as jackets, but, honestly it works better than the T-shirt over a T-shirt from J.J.'s movies.

Continuity geek Mike points out that Pike's Enterprise has Dr. Boyce (as seen in "The Cage"). McCoy obviously comes to Enterprise with Kirk.


   Media Mogul Mike

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Think I watched a few minutes of the first episode .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/20/2020) 
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