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I have always appreciated Hargrave


Way back in the 1990's for an issue of Space Gamer I typed up my list of "Desert Island Games." Of course I put all the Better Games stuff as a single entry. My number 2 was a plain ol' deck o' cards.

Number 3 was Arduin Grimoire. The first three books were certainly the best of the unofficial AD&D suppliments, and, if given a choice between AD&D or muddling through Hargrave's stuff, I'd keep Arduin.

I appreciated the way Hargrave expanded his campaign into a "cross genre" game with aliens and other dimensions. I loved how Hargrave took the - frankly generic and boring - AD&D character classes of Fighter, Magic User, Thief, and Cleric and expanded them out into dozens of sub-types a decade before TSR did. Star Powered Mages, Gladiators, Witch Hunters, Sages, and Courtesans were only a few of the interesting and varied types. His musings on logic in running combat changed how I ran my games (much to the annoyance of my players, but Hargrave was right and they were wrong).

Arduin - at least as presented in the Grimoires - was never a fully fleshed out system, but as a notebook of one insane DM's notes, it's incredible.

Some of the rare RPG stuff I'll take out and read parts of for pleasure.


   Mike of Talismonde

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