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Cutlass, Mission 2, pt 2


Recap in the Vox to catch you up on plot. Maybe have another backup character ready. Last week wasn't QUITE the bloodbath of two weeks ago, but Natasha and Greg M are the only players on they're first character. Some of us are on four or five.

Tony beat Greg M's record. Greg previously had a character get wounded on his first action. The next card flip was a Major Tarot "lowest level character is wounded," which killed him.

Tony last week had his character miss his very first roll and fall to his death.

I think it's fitting that Tony - first ever Cutlass Swashbuckler and first ever Cutlass lvl 9 is also the player with the shortest lived character ever. Tony's records can never be beaten!


   Chronicler Mike

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Correction -- Chronicler Mike (posted: 6/22/2020) 
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