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In defense of "insanity"


The musicians got a gig.

So did the techs.

If the livestream sold tickets, the venue made money.

Good for the economy...and several of you were making that point.

In televised entertainment there's always been a certain amount of adjustment of audience for the camera. A certain rally on Saturday made certain that all the seats behind the main speaker were full... Looks better on camera. I've been the guy at lightly attended events who was assigned to wrangle the audience to fill the seats my camera would see. Any kind of talk show with a studio audience has a PA trying to pack the on-camera sections of audience with the more "photogenic" attendees.

Plants donated to the venue, plants will be re-donated to health care workers - free publicity for the "kindness."

The acoustics of a live concert venue are different than those of a studio, but those acoustics are also designed to have things in seats. I can tell you from experience that Orange County Performing Arts Center has noticeably different acoustics when empty vs with an audience. The plants actually help tune the room.

I'm down with this.


   Artsy-fartsy Mike

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