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High Mortality Rate


We are seeing more deaths partly because we are low level. But also, I have ran the first two adventures w/ full encounters and Epilogs. By staying on a singal game, we have that ability. Often I would skip Epilogs when the adventure material at climax was completed. Epilogs can be quite dangerous, remember.

The Climax Challenges seem severe, but the random events have not been selected to punish; there are a few difficult spots to avoid, but the game has a harsh rhythm. It could get worse (a checkbox for level 5+). Yet by then double rolls and assorted make-rolls do even things out. The fact some will thrive and some will fail does even itself out as the higher level characters complete more actions and aid the weaker folk along.

Just remind me to check those Ignobles and not every action has to be an event to allow the highest level character a chance to progress.

When asked whether we should have ice cream or hammer to face, select ice cream (after hammer to face Ignoble twas checked). Leviathan indeed -- one died who voted drowned men, one died who wanted large beast.



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Now with four brand-new characters on standby -- Chronicler Mike (posted: 6/26/2020) 
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