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Unlikely on Voice


I have a working version of the Cardo Flipper doing the card look ups. But, I don't have all the tables converted.

I'll do Cutlass tables first.

Select the table. Flip the card ... Cardo Flipper looks it up and displays in chat window. (Ref may need to over ride the card but trying to make that easy to do.) Mike and Conrad have been replaced by a Tin Head.

Cardo-Flipper has a basic dice option on the screen. It's not fancy but it's guaranteed to give Rusty terrible rolls.

I use the web for my characters in the new website. You all have access. It has a Cutlass Generator. Two clicks and you have that Cutlass magic (tm). Before I spend time rewriting that to work in the Cardo flipper, there's a few things ahead of it.

In theory, that mostly eliminates the Cutlass tool.

From there, the next obvious choice is a working "Table" which you can sort of see in the current Cutlass Tool. Maps with things on top of it (Characters, masks, and text boxes). More of what we use and less of what we don't. Lot of fun stuff.

I could probably purchase an audio component that lets us talk through the application ... but ... it would probably have to leverage something like Skype or Zoom to work. (Voice is more data intense.) While I would love the effort, it's not practical.

I use Discord for other things and ... it does a lot of things ... just none of them well. I do like the "push to talk" option. Skype is a bit flaky on that interface. (The gamer headset has the nice boom up to mute so you don't get to hear the dogs go ballistic here.)

Cardo-Flipper, a web page, and Skype? It's a start?


   Iron Conrad

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