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Changes to America
VEP#11 Variances US map and possessions extend into most of Central and South America.
VEP#12 Variances there are very few protestant faiths; majority country is Catholic.
VEP#15 Labor unions formed militia units with free slaves prior to civil war.
VEP#16 South won civil war. Slavery is still legal.
VEP#17 North US remained neutral in WWI. Gave aid to Bolsheviks.
VEP#18 US was on both sides in WWII. Second civil war occurred in 1940s. Northern US states as communists fought south allied to Germans. Southern states forge a new union by force. Slavery is still legal.
VEP#19 US joins a Cold War with Germany against Russia. Russia is mostly a wasteland from nuke strikes. Parts of northern US are destroyed as well.
Kennedy takes over from President Huey Long. Yet Kennedy should die in 1963, but heís giving a speech in 1969. He is the first elected president from a northern state, since the civil war of 1940. His politics are dictatorial but was elected on a platform of having Germany help rebuild the US north. The Germans argue the war continues until communism is eradicated completely in China (which won against imperial Japan). The thought makes Clone #5 angry.

Could be a way to get home by being on a modifier Apollo rocket and get to the moon. Consider that all the NASA rockets could be carrying clones home? Anyone wish to change appearance in Giza Base Body sculptor?

Any tests of causality results in strange events. Clones never appear in same place as themselves. Why? No reason, every reason. Try to kill yourself, you arenít there. Twilight Zone missed opportunity or just not there?

Off to NASA
Infiltrate the program need rolls for ids and back stories. Engineers, reporters, film crews, celebrities. What are your druthers? Your immediate goal would be what?



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