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EPT Update in Work


I had some thoughts after play, good thoughts.

Adding two extra methods, Bloody Discipline and Divine Intervention. Changes the current Divine to Wizardry.

Bloody Drill allows the spending of a Discipline tally to greatly increase the chance of an event which adds to Minion swagger. Also, gives great boons similar to the Priest of Vimuhla role in present scenario. Integrating more of the mechanics within combat is my goal (to punish Rusty).

Divine will do the same for Eye Swagger (gifts of gods) for a point of Reverence. If you have either Tally, Discipline or Reverence, think of these new two like permission to Gamingly.

KO changes. It now results in next event taken on the appropriate Fluke Bane (always bad). This could happen to you and ht eperson after you (your savior). I balanced the Difficulty on many events, lowering them. Added some other nasty/optimal results. Expect the Fluke Q&D to expand from Magic Assault and Monster Maul. Forgiveness asked that I left Maul all (9) Difficulty, forgetting to change and balance them. You guys deserve much kudos for many wounds but no deaths.

I'm having fun and enjoying the nostalgia. Respond below if you beg to differ.



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I would leave them as they are ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 8/22/2019) 
New Tables Not Everyday -- red (posted: 8/22/2019) 
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