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Colors can't be "wrong."


Link goes to an image of Superman costumes through the years, sticking mostly with comics and graphic novels. There is a huge variety of colors and variations of the chest shield.


Uncle Dudley is awesome, and if I saw someone in that costume, I'd shake his hand.

Last year's "Into the Spider-Verse" tossed out one for those of us with less-than-toned physique: Peter B. Parker, a 40-year old Spidey with a flabby gut and "depression sweats." (Image link)



   Geek Mike

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Curt Swan Superman can't be beat -- Man of Iron Conrad (posted: 9/9/2019) 
Byrnes Not Too Shabby either -- Iron Conrad (posted: 9/9/2019) 
Agreed, and... -- Geek Mike (posted: 9/9/2019) 
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