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Took one step (to Oblivion)


Made sure my Battlenet account is still working. I did not renew my subscription (yet). I have yet to reload the game. I may need to do so and let it patch. That could take a few days. I think Steam also has the patched version.

So much to do, so little time.

If I was L33t (the kids still say L33t, right?) I would set up accounts on several PCs, link the keyboards and mouse and become a x15 overlayed character like that gnome magic user. Gnome?!? that was the race I couldn't remember.

I think I will actually enjoy this just for the AHA, I remember you moments. Loved the Giants, the scale in that one place with the boat. The big guys were just walking around smashing things. Cool.

Got to blimp to the swamps from Undead capital to tag the bat master so I can flee Stranglethorn Vale after arriving from the Barrens. Else, dead by PvP fer shure.



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