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I ordered a custom mouse pad from one of these shops for like $4 for two pads that I provided the graphic on the pad. It came from China and was amazing. (Amazing that $4 included shipping for two mouse pads.)

(It wasn't a mouse pad per se .... it was for a dice game that needs a layout to put your dice ... yea Dice Masters.)

When I got my new table to game at the Cove, I looked into the mouse material (sheets) to cover the table. (It is a helpful for board game pieces.) I think I found sheeting material for like $50 but cutting and such seemed too much work.

I pulled out the old green felt and layered it up. Bring your worst foul Caesar.

On top of making it easier to handle cards and dice, there is the benefit if the table is marbled for us old timers. The tables used at the local game night are marbled and sometimes the cards and bits are too hard to see.

Hey, it's not a big thing .... but .... when you are the walking boss, you have to ... uh ... sit in the big chair with a big stogey and send the troops to storm the walls.


   Iron Warlock 7

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