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Making Era ten Deck


Eight suits of sixteen and a wheel.

Bane Command 10 Stellar: Order the troopers to fire by order of rank, birthdate and MACE ID numbers. Fail and Pinned. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: EE Suit C-Cubed (M)

Irregular Knight Void: Stomp down with boots designed to act as cleats for your forklift configured suit. Success for dispatch Armor+; against squishie the battle is won. Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Savvy Eisenfuß (H)

Brash King Valor: Kill more bad guys than your own as you explode a round into the intervening floor. Success to win any battle. Regardless, lowest level player character using Assail receives vicious. Difficulty: 8 Advantage: EE Suit Mortar (J)

Bane Funky Ace Intrigue: Wonder if you left the stove on and follow that with wondering what a stove truly is? Fail and Shaken. Difficulty: 7 Advantage: Ship Trip Crystal (T)

Assail 8 Fidelity: Bathe the area in flames. Success for dispatch Armor+; against squishie the battle is won. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: EE Suit Incendiaries (K)

Defensive 8 Politics: Recognized as an online influencer, link enemy TACCOM to your last compelling infomercial. Success for Catbird Seat. Difficulty: 7 Advantage: Skill Politician (Celebrity)

Bane DOC 9 Commerce: Comfort the wounded and sooth the shell shocked. Success to gain Command Pip. Regardless, all troopers are no longer Shaken or Pinned. Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Ship Ice Cream (P)

Support 8 Artifice: Balance and queue delivery of med-tech, ordnance and poignant memes for series release from the reserves. Succes for Tactical Pip. Difficulty: 10 Advantage: Ship Industrialized (M)



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