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I may drop inversion?


But if I do so, then certain suits would be always bad in certain circumstances. Not a wrong way to play. e.g. Hey, we've seen lots of Valor, maybe we should defend more until the shuffle.

256 results with some cheating on outcomes.

52x2=104 as original Designing Sci-Fi Scenario patrons. This would be minimum 128 which is close. But if I made the sixteen archetypes with eight dispositions, it could work fine. Thirty two archetypes or sixteen dispositions. Could Briggs Myers but I dislike alignment. Much to ponder.

Executive King, valor has military experience, commerce has significant role in cartel, intrigue has alternative motives (select extra card), etc.

You make a fair point about taxing my abilities and expecting the impossible from others. A user friendly game was the goal. I was never one to conform to victory conditions in the rules. Rahmoidial is my logic.

Look on my works ye mighty and disrepair, I mean despair.



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Idea -- I go Method Brash -- red (posted: 3/28/2019) 
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