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No WoW for me


I've been playing with a free trial and the world is a mess. Hate most of the new content. Still, the biggest problem I'm seeing is I can't WADS. The sensitivity on the spin keys is like a top. I can't keep facing the enemy. Can only imagine how bad PvP would be. I run like a drunk, no fine course control.

Yes, I've looked at the forums and tried the shut off of various things in compatibility. Even in Mouse move, I can't work any 3D actions, like swim or use the cars in the Goblin Start.

Funny, I played original Diablo on the laptop and had some problems; they were corrected by of all things leaving the controls of Setting open while playing?

My quess is that the WoW of release and the WoW of now just have too many enhancements for graphics cards and Windows Op System changes. If I was using a desktop PC and nice video card, maybe it would all work. I got better things to do then search forums. There's alos newer games to try if I upgraded. I was just looking for some nostalgia, but you can't go home anymore to a home that's buried in rubble.

If I can't move in game, I'm going to be wrecked under the original ruleset. I mean I couldn't even reliably walk up a set of stairs in the inn. I'd go spinning and fall several floors.

Best to leave these things in the past. The Terror of Menethil Harbor shall sleep.



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