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The Fan Bois are excited ... but ...


I was scratching my head wondering why they had to recode Vanilla Wow? Seems like you just dust off the old floppies and put them in the 5 1/4 drives that still work and voila.

I know things have changed since ... what was it ... 1863 when the first version came out ... so much has changed. Didn't they write it in loom cards?

But, the fans are excited ... it was good griefing in the day.

If it just means I have to run my ass out to Mauradon to get inside and kill the Nameless Prophet ... yikes.

Besides, I could never get the swimming right probably due to the plate armor I was wearing.


   Iron GGGGGGnomer

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Updated assets of same name -- red (posted: 3/29/2019) 
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