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Had a thought about my technical problem. I'm too much of an engineer. I figured it was either a delay in my keystrokes reaching the server, or the frames just can't refresh fast enough, causing me to over strike the turn key?

Feel lag was a stretch on fiber. I jumped back on and turned off every graphic enhancement. Running at level one of ten. I don't see any graphic change of merit. All looks cartoon cool to me. Better, my movement is less wonky. Can't say it's perfect. I still have some lag in response. But now I can climb a stair and easily move through a door.

I have no interest in playing the new content. As I said before, the map is overly complex and not centralized. I can solo too easily and never need to stealth. I miss the old graphics of the inn. But, I will jump on and practice moving and striking as I move. All while still free.

If I see a real vanilla game, fewer changes the better, I may try WoW Classic this summer. Some of the stuff they changed just doesn't make sense to me. Why doesn't anyone sell a throwing knife to pull mobs? How do I use a gun again? Don't I need pellets?



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