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The Videos on Epic Site Pretty Good



It explains the license as well. Which is to say ... free for players. There's about 8 videos each around 10 minutes. Though you don't need them all.

When the game first comes up, there's a lot of extra stuff that you have to remove. It does not remember that you removed the dice bar last time you loaded.

That frees the room up for the things you want - Chat, Playing Area primarily.

We complain about the real estate because we're doing a few extra things as we play. Skype to listen / talk, the Cutlass Tool to grab text to paste, a copy of the rules to review, a character sheet. And, now Red is broadcasting the cards on the screen through Skype. You can see it gets busy.

I did a paper character sheet for the longest time sitting on my desk. Easy Peezy. And, you could print the rules ... the versions have settled a bit. Though you don't actually need "all" the rules so that's a bit of a trick.


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