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Screen should work well at 1920*1080


Like Conrad said, we do often tend to flip between a couple of programs.

The biggest player-controllable space factor will be your character sheet. Epic Table has its own floating window for characters, and can save/import RTF format. For Cutlass you'll have a lot more leeway in laying out your own sheet (although I created a template that works well). For Outlands, the nature of the interconnected Swaggering needs a more rigid layout. An Outlands sheet in Epic Table will require a lot of screen space. (I have a template set up). I suspect the new ERA TEN will require a lot of space as well.

Obviously Conrad avoids this by doing his sheet on paper. I type into the Epic Table panel then copy/paste back to a Word doc. Personally, my prime character sheets have been word processor docs since I lost the sheet for my favorite Battle Born character (Cruller. A Skia DOC with a goal of being the first Skia in G/Sol). I'm also lazy and don't want to retype notes after a session, so I stay digital.

Otherwise, it's less screen size than resolution. 1920x1080 is enough pixels to make things fit nicely. One of our laptops is 1366*768 and that screen is cramped.


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