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Meat of my Argument


I actually don't have a problem with leveling and being able to make more mistakes and learn. The concern I have is that the players become all holy than thou, party do or die paladins, unless they are told (forced) to become otherwise. Not looking for evil or disruption, just nuance.

No one here wants to see the role-play actors take over the game. Yet sometimes it's better storytelling to have some limitations and doubt about your goals.

I see Insanity and PM Cycle as lesser punishments. Not vicious, more than KO. The mechanics I'm incorporating are a streamlined version of the Warped Outcome of Outlands (Where Fools Dare) and the funny, but redundant EE Suit Mishap table of Battle Born.

The original titles are very good. I just don't think I can Ref a game like Barony without some recycle like you suggest. (I dislike the life drain and stat drain from D&D, unless it can recovery w/o gods and wishes.)

I run adventures fast; at Battle Born's D8 skills per success, the players rapidly climb past the sweet spot of forty combat skills to eighty and up. Then combat takes an hour to make it statistically relevant.

Even D&D was a game not really meant to be played past Hero (lvl 4) using the HP-Save Throw mechanics. Many of the original classes capped. I played several months after school everyday and never saw anyone make level two. Then took over as Ref to start handing out gear and spells. Kill something besides giant rats and skels and things that just wiped the party. Ogre Magi? We practiced running in six directions more than fighting.

I watched a game the other day online; it's kinda painful. Nothing happens but jawing, and the characters were all half monster - half human, mage clones. Tolkien with his Elrond really screwed the pooch for Fantasy designs. There's not a single nonhuman in Game of Thrones, and it doesn't need one. Ice King I see as a Lich.

Playable Elves, Trolls, Goblins and Dwarves, please, silly. Half Minotaurs? Just play EPT and be a Shen. The days of this guy gets plus one with a hammer are gone. Also, if you're not going to run with henchmen, I see no reason to put your highest stat in Charisma. (Compensating for reality, maybe?)

Just not for me (anymore).



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