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The 5E Thing and the Talking ...


The best summary of the D&D mess that I saw goes like this.

Version 3 - Some genius figured out they sell 10 player's hand books for each Referee guide so spend your money on the Player book and let someone else help the Refs.

Version 4 - Tried but didn't try, but really tried, but not really to make the game compatible with a on-line game that was making Billions but we didn't try. Gamers revolted since their old stuff would now be useless and the new stuff ... not really special.

Version 5 - Okay, we're hanging on a precipice here so we need something that the gamers will buy or the whole thing gets shut down by the TJ boys at Hasbro.

Ergo -- Player Centric (or as they would prefer) and Player Centric (whatever they prefer). Double Player Centric.

So, if player will buy a book which says he's a half orc, half human, sort of magic user but sword slinging half dude with one green eye and one orange eye ... if he has $29.95, he's our best friend.

Referees have always been odd birds and not many of them. So, they will take what we get.

Every time I see them send the Elf forward into the certain death trap ahead of the human, I just think to myself, yea the immortal elf would risk his endless tomorrows smoking pipe weed and doing elf princesses to get a brass trinket ahead of the "breeds like cockroaches" human. What is that smell?

And, when someone says Half Orc (Gnarled Horse Creature), Half Human (soft pink poop clencher), I try to not decide how such a thing was created. It's a family game after all ... What is that smell?

And, to make it all work out ... everyone can use a sword, wear armor, cast spells, and get new stuff ... just so they buy the latest Guide to Pretty darn much everything.

They did make all the rolls basically 50 / 50 so nothing is really tactical per say. You can do tactical but you don't get it in the game out of the box.

Version 6 - Same stuff just selling it to you again. Coming to your amazon retailer soon.

(The digital thing is taking off ... someone is going to do the math and figure out paper costs money.)

Don't expect that to change until the money stops.

The talking thing, is they are all trying to imitate Matt Mercer. He has a few quirks that were amusing twice. Sometimes I just put my sword in it's brain pan and it just flops down dead.

The soft people got into the game and don't feel comfortable with killing things to gain lots of lootz.

Let someone else help the Refs.


   Iron Nusselt Number

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