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Just saying you don't need Geometric Progression ....


... just the illusion of progression ....

Traveller and RuneQuest had skill based progression. Each time you used a skill there was a chance it would improve.

I love the Ignobles system as it solves so many problems. Why would I do such a foolish thing? To gain an ignoble.

I'm just saying if the problem is players become too powerful after 8 increments up ... smaller steps up.

It's the monkey with the banana in the jar problem .... once he grasps the banana, he can't get his hand out ....

Or, to use the Battle Born example, once you reach the hydraulically powered gripper into the Netronium Electro cage to get the Raspberry Ho Ho, you can't extract your hand without ripping out the bulkhead wall and the radioactive shielding. That's why all radioactive shields have been rendered useless with 30 days of ship deployment.

You can either have proper shielding or Raspberry Ho Ho's I think we know where this goes.

Just saying sometimes we get caught in our own traps. Squeeze the banana and pull it out.


   Iron Nusselt Number

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