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Seems like all RPG's use one of three...


Systems of advancement.

Ignobles are amazing. I still think it's the best advancement system overall, because what other system gives one's character advancement tied to (random example) "I'm an angry drunk" (which is actually one of BBB's Growth Ignobles.

The majority of systems are, of course, points for killin' and loot. Oh, Gary said give a player 25XP's for a good idea or excellent role-play, but, when you need a hundred thousand to level up that's a bad joke.

Ignobles and XP are, as we all know, level based, which has its own issues - namely all advancement suddenly accures at once. Sure, Gary stated one doesn't actually advance the level until one trains (and cannot accrue XP until then), which, in play, meant wasting half an adventure's XP because one doesn't actually advance until the interval between missions. Video games and Cutlass, of course, let one level up right away.

The third method is that used by Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, and Cthulhu. Successful use of a skill lets one check for improvement. In Cthulhu successful use of a skill one doesn't have also gives an immediate check to gain the skill. Overall, this is better than leveling, but still holds experience tied only to successful skill use.

Somewhere between Ignobles and "skill success" advancement is the best. Now, how to merge them?


   Opinionated Mike

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