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Cthulhu Stinks


Everyone gets to play a useful idiot. My drive skill is 25%, so one-forth the party will die motoring to the first meeting. Percentals are fine dice, but at 75% you still fail one in four. A mathematician failing one in four on his times table? Those mechanics are ludicrous.

Don't give me that you only check under duress and for plot advancement. It was never written in the rules. It got so bad in Star Trek rpg that they had to say the first ten points were used as a D10 for routine task. Routine tasks? Something that should require no roll.

The hybrid between Ignobles and Xps is resource allocation. See Comedy Horror or Bajillion. You got a set number of abilities, and each can be used once. Player decides when. Else, on repeat use it gets much harder. As character advances his number of set options increases.

The batch nature of any system of advancement is just because it's easier than Log E. Many computer games allow constant improvement of stats in play. There's a machine behind the scenes in continuous update. But every game is turn based, even if the length of turn becomes microseconds.

Now let me get back to shuffling my 129 card Era Ten deck. Take your PM Cycle pill and stop sniffling. It's undignified.



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