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Growth over time...


As Fredrick said, yeah, audiences take time. Then again, I don't think Red is envisioning suddenly going viral, having millions of views and making hundreds of thousands of dollars from YouTube.

Word of advice. Don't put any kind of copyrighted background music in any video. YouTube's copyright policies are the exact opposite of the legal standard of "innocent until proven guilty." If anyone claims a copyright violation - hell, if the A.I. Bots THINK it could possibly be a copyright violation, Youtube will pull your video. Do it three times and they kill your channel.

With the EU passing the amazingly bad Article 13 - which makes a hosting site, like YouTube or Facebook liable for any copyright infringments posted by a user it's going to get much worse.

I've had some of my tutorials videos pulled. Why? Well, I used five seconds of a clip from Monty Python's Holy Grail in an tutorial about how digital limited animation is similar to cut-out/paper doll animation. I credited the clip, and a tutorial is *gasp* educational, which meant I was absolutely, legally allowed to use the clip under "fair use." (Fair use provisions for educational use in a tutorial on the very topic? In court I'd win, but who has the money for that?)

I've had videos pulled for using -ready? - MY music that *I* am the registered copyright holder of. Some random nuclear power plant in Israel (no joke!) filed the copyright claim. YouTube's "arbitration" process is to ask the person who filed the copyright claim if the claim is true. Of course the nuclear power plant in Israel says I violated copyright. It doesn't matter that I can produce the copyright forms, the original master tracks, the original stems, and, can basically prove in every way that I own my own music... Some nuclear power plant in Israel stole my copyright and the corporate criminals at Youtube sure aren't going to help me out here.

Incidentally, my tutorial channel - 5000 subs, if anyone cares - now exists to semi build an audience and direct them elsewhere. Screw Youtube's terrible video compression, immoral business practices, and the fact that *gasp* I've actually earned a mighty $200 in YouTube ad revenue (that I can't get them to send me). I'm moving my stuff to UDEMY and selling it. Frankly my video tutorials are among the best out there for the software in question. That's not bragging, that's utter truth.

But I digress. What a surprise. >winky<

Point being I have subscriptions to some royalty-free license music companies. You want some music, I'll see if we can find anything you like and download it. DON'T think you can get away with classical - remember that copyright extends to the composition AND the recording. Besides, Sony claims copyright on all things Bach.


   Mike Myke Mique

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