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Of course Google isn't without guilt!


Oh, Google - now the "G" in "Alphabet" is part of the same conglomerate as "Y...." YouTube.

Amongst my other activities in life is my forum moderator status for the software company FXHOME (their excellent Hitfilm compositing software is what my tutorial channel* teaches. I've also got Todd Pickens on the software.) One thing I do for them is, once a month I search out "Warez/crackz/free downloads" for FXHOME'S products then pass the inevitable dozens of videos on to their legal dept.

But, considering I can, right this second - for, of course I checked - download from YouTube the entire BBC series "Blake's 7" from a Playlist that's been up for seven years you can imagine why I get a little tetchy when YouTube removes videos of mine for "copyright violation" of my own music within 48 hours.

Again, using 5 seconds of Terry Gilliam animation in a tutorial on re-creating his animation style happens to be clear cut, protected by US/UK law Free Use. Posting the entire run - 40 year old series or not - of a TV show is clear piracy.

*just to brag-brag, Andrew Probert is subscribed to my channel. Probert designed things like the origin BSG Cylons, the Back to the Future DeLorean and Enterprises "refit" (Trek movies) and D (TNG). Having one of my childhood design heroes now using me as an educational resource tickles to no end. Also serves as a nice life reminder: a working designer with a 40 year career is continuing to broaden his tool set. Never stop learning, right?

Probert suggested I use a refit-Enterprise example when I get to 3D model materials. He was kind enough to let me pick his brain on how that model was painted. You know how Enterprise's overall hull is grey? There was no grey paint on that model. She's actually pink, lilac, aqua, and yellow!


   Creative Pro Mike

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