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Era Ten wasn't meant to be tongue in cheek (face bellow)


The original tales suggest Space Opera. A few stalwart adventurers who watched civilization stretch and grow into a distant future and a strange new world. Dystopia? Nah ... overdone and pointless. Dark Cyber future ... ho hum Chummer? A mystical spiritual force for the elite few ... with our without meta-chlorines? An enlightened humanity complete with velour mini skirts ... fine just so we get to use the phasers 2.7 times per episode? Break out the current Hawking best seller and pretend it will be meaningful in 100 years ... nah, the math is too hard.

Era Ten was what the world would look like Ten great changes in the future. Each one would alter the future in ways we can only guess. Would first contact bring us peace, war, death from inadvertent contamination, death from our masters, a new golden age in trade, an end to cancer, better Velcro, the age of Aquarius? Who can say. Multiply times 10.

Could today's modern man equipped with his stunted knowledge, a new endless lifespan, and sense of humanist morality become the agent of change in an unrecognizable future? Could an individual armed with a laser pistol change the impending course of history? Would an act of courage or villainy doom a race or bring them top of the galactic game of thrones? Would the hero even know he was playing a part in a great arc of creative destruction or was he just trying to survive? Sprinkled in would be the mad panic fleeing from the mismatched alien destroyer or robotic super man. What would a petri dish of a billion billion worlds yield when allowed to grow to fruition (or doom). What unknown yet cosmic forces will appear to change even the most noble or base goals?

If in the end, we are all just star dust, should we not at least try to find our way back to the garden?

Throw in a little romance and some good loot and we just might have a monster here.

The Tongue in Cheek came from the sessions in LA where the grenade would (constantly) get flung into Engineering. How else could you explain it? Fun times.

But, I could always see in the missions that you could play them straight up. We needed to get the Doomsday C... to stop the Karfu horde and save humanity. It just needed to be done. (Meanwhile the Arc of the Covenant was being fork lifted to the back of the warehouse.) They worked as both ... even the boxing match could somehow be justified if you watched enough 60's WWII movies.

But, in Salt Lake we played it straight up for a time with card flips and with players who hadn't had a chance to do the Universal Translator and all.

It played well like that (as well).

I think Red used the phrase "Gallows Humor" to describe how it became. Yes, the dentist was the worst thing that could happen to you. Isn't that always true?

Complex rules and "Gallows Humor" don't always play well together (IMHO).

I would think a return to Space Opera should be considered.


   Iron Conrad

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