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Space Opera, one step away


I see Space Opera as Star Wars. I see Trek as Sci-Fi, trying to be rooted. I can't see Era Ten as pure Space Opera. I do see it as not a farce. Yet I add farcical elements and write the stories from the standpoint of someone who has seen a lot of pain. Bucky clings to humanity, even though he may have given up on mankind.

The first part of Jump&Die shows the guys trying to stay alive. I haven't read it recently, but I think there was more Sci-Fi there and more survival. The squad did as required and then found upon landing they were the ones who had to complete the deed. The narrator runs off on his own sidebar.

Be interesting to see what you think of the new iteration. When you read the Q&D, it's got humorous elements in places like Support. Places were there's time to kill. In Assail, I don't think there's any actions except press the fight. The tension between troopers and techninja could occur. But Cruz don't remember the present very well (hence a gift and excuse to put them upfront).

The only reason Era Ten could be Space Opera is that technology and science changes too fast to let a 1970's idea stay cutting edge. But I'm more Star Trek than Star Wars in personality. Who cast the first stone? Did you write the first humorous Q&D or me? We both felt it would nasty, painful to don power armor. Then where did it go?



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