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This I liked ... Ruin Masters




Well, not so much for the mechanics but the art spoke to me. The heroes were strangely repulsive and charismatic at the same time. The images are a full story in their own right. Why did they choose that place to let the battle rage?

The content is from Sweden so it will have a different spin.

I sense the mechanics will be the Chaosium straight up rolling. It's Sweden so I get it. But, if you aren't going to do something special, just do the D20 and call it good.

The stretch goals are nice, tangible. The book upgraded from soft cover to hard cover without bumping up the price. Nice. Throw in the GM screen. Nice.

I hope it's all jammed into one book ... Open the book and into the world you go. Will I find the mystery of the universe? Likely not. Will we have a good time? I'm betting we do.


   Iron Conrad

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Looked like etchings Bros. Grim -- red (posted: 4/14/2019) 
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