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Mike would like this; Conrad make one better


You summoned a Seaweed demon with the following appendages: Adhesive Wrapping, Throbbing Foliage.

Throbbing? A word in Better Games lore, simply because I used "probe" in a Q&D once. Get out of the locker-room, people.

Took me several tries to make site work. While the pop-up instructed I should pick 1-20 for level. It did not like my 40 HD request nor tell me it's restrictions.

What sort of demon is under 40 HD, a mere goblin to be slain by a mortal.

A random demonic (Monster) describer would be cool. Or, I employ he of infinite creativity, the one we call Mike. The man who takes credit his wife's genius comments; I seldom read the chat in-game. That's player banter and side-mouth commentary of the peanut consuming folk.



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