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The E10 bg certainly lends itself well to "serious" play. Red once described the humor as "Rose-Colored glasses" on the part of the narrator.

But audience can determine tone. I remember an LA con in a non-Better Games sci-fi game. We had to save a planet, yadda.... GM intended a serious mission. I was Captain and agreed. Rest of the players wanted silly and absurd. GM and I rolled over and went with it.

Final solution to the sun going out was to coat the planet's largest moon in Cheez-Whiz and use the fusion drive to Ignite it. The Cheez-Whiz would burn for a century. Plenty of time to evacuate!

A very Battle Born solution.

I had a Battle Born player defeat Conrad's lobster dudes in the atmosphere of melted butter by combining Extrude Nozzle (to make blades), rapid fire (to spin his gatling, to which the blades were attached) and inverse Heat Flash (to cool the butter). Churning the enemy to death was so clever I only assigned Out of Ordinary/Difficult rolls.

Thing is, given a solid rules set and detailed background an individual Ref can tune the tone of the campaign. Era 10 should play equally well as dark and gritty or farcical and funny.

If I were a TV producer I'd have beer pushing an Era 10 animated show for decades (the Cruz as drawn by Red, Todd or myself would look way better in Cel animation than 3D photo realism). I have five rough season arcs jotted down. All of season 4 builds to Iota Upsilon. Season 5 is the never-explored civil war. My theoretical outline was based on a more "serious" action/adventure vibe, not farce.

In regards to Red's comment that "adjective-sarge" means a Sarge died and a new Sarge was assigned... Mind blown. Don't tell Max.


   J W Miller (Willker?)

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