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What the hell were they thinking with the bus scene?


Shazam was fun, but the bus scene almost ruined the whole thing for me. I'm already thinking that falling 40' then suddenly stopping by being caught is not a whole lot better than falling 45' and being stopped by the ground, but it's a superhero movie, so I'll let it slide. Then the passenger falls on the glass and the glass cracks - obviously they're setting it up so that the glass breaks and the guy falls out, making Shazam catch him in addition to saving the bus. Then another guy falls on the glass and it cracks more (and falling the length of a 30' bus would be pretty lethal already, but let's ignore that for now). Remarkably the glass holds and the whole bus falls...and he catches it by the glass?

How did no person involved in the decision making for the movie not look at that and think "That's ridiculous. No one is going to buy that. Even the dull children will have a good enough grasp on how the world works to know that cracked windshield glass can't support a falling bus." But no, somehow everyone involved thought it was fine and it made it into the final movie.

I get suspension of disbelief, but S.o.D. asks us to accept basic premises - superheroes exist, Shazam is strong enough to catch a bus, even superheroic fight dynamics (super punches send people flying instead of cracking their head open, etc.) - but the rest of the world is supposed to work as normal. Sure, in an action movie I can accept exaggerated action, but catching a bus by the front windshield is too much.


   Greg "Morrison never comes here anymore" Squires

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