Experience in Free-Style Role-Play Concepts A. Traits B. Task Resolution C. Skills D. Wounds E. Combat F. Quick & Dirty G. Magic H. Ignobles I. Advancement J. Missions K. Encounters L. Digressions H. Ignoble Advancement Another innovation of free-style play is that it eliminates experience points. Yet, the players still need a purpose to play. (That is besides collecting gold or attempting to get +5% in skill.) The game will list "Ignobles," usually nine, which become the tasks the player must complete to go up a level. As the players adventure and do something heroic, fight a battle, attempt an intrigue, they check off Ignoble Deeds. By completely checking off an entire column the character than goes up a level. The referee can tailor these actions so that as player advances the deeds are harder to check. A battle for a beginner might simply be a bar-room brawl, but at higher level the player might need to lead an army and obtain victory to check the event. What do these Ignobles really allow? Well they force players to attempt a variety of role-play actions. The players forget about collecting gold or fighting an endless series of foes, and instead bring their characters into a variety of events to progress. Better play is generated for both the referee and the players with Ignobles. Since many games, especially Sci-Fi games, lack a useful advancement (experience) system, this concept can augment most any game. Use the Vox Populii to ask a question or offer a comment. More Games
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