Designing Missions in Free-Style Role-Play Concepts A. Traits B. Task Resolution C. Skills D. Wounds E. Combat F. Quick & Dirty G. Magic H. Ignobles I. Advancement J. Missions K. Encounters L. Digressions J. Mission Generation With the Designing Scenario books you will never run out of ideas. Missions are generated either in advance or on the fly by flipping some cards. As you do so, read the descriptions, jot some notes and generate some mission details. If you have a bright-minded crowd, ask your players how events relate, why the Patron has a certain Rival or how his motive effects his goals in the mission. Our systems have a wealth of ideas. Better Games are worth the price for the referee ideas alone. The cards have been cross-matched so that ridiculous combinations, like richest man in realm turns out to have no money, are highly unlikely (if not statistically impossible). Instead of rolling dice and getting just a random list, as cards are flipped and removed, they suggest certain cards will not reappear. The options will be logical and damn near infinite. The combination of cards to tell character fortunes and dice to find the fate, are a hallmark of free-style play. These systems work, because they save the referee time. Use the Vox Populii to ask a question or offer a comment. More Games
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